Starcraft 10th Anniversary News Watch Countdown

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Update 3-31: Blizzard Entertainment has issued a press release celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Starcraft. There is a “little something” to be announced today. Check back soon.

Update 3-28: On April 1, 1998 Blizzard Entertainment released the Best RTS Game in online gaming history: Starcraft.  A game that has boomed in South Korea as a national eSport tradition with tournaments yielding over $100,000 in prizes even ten years later. A game with worldwide record sales still played by millions of players a decade later.  Starcraft was launched into space orbit by NASA in 1999. Starcraft II was announced at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals on May 18th, 2007. A Starcraft Manga trilogy by Tokyopop is scheduled on August 2008. A Starcraft film or cartoon is highly sought by fans, but no luck thus far.

In barely a few days, Blizzard Entertainment will, most likely, offer a press release celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Starcraft. Will there be special announcements? Will Starcraft 2 Beta Test be announced? A tournament with great prizes? Contests? Zerg Gameplay trailer? That’s yet unknown.

Set your countdown timer and await with excitement.

Let’s see what happened with previous 10th Anniversary celebrations:

Update 3-27: I have seen some stirs from Diablo fans. Don’t worry.  It is not about Diablo. It is not about BlizzCast. This is just a News Watch Alert.

A clue: Starcraft 10th Anniversary.

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