StarCraft Vol. 1 Paperback Comic Book On Sale

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The StarCraft Vol. 1 comic book (Paperback) is now available for purchase for those who missed the ongoing series a couple years ago.

Fans have the option to acquire the StarCraft Vol. 1 (Hardcover) — a few bucks pricier.

The original series lasted 7-issues featuring the War Pigs mercenaries which make a cameo in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The final issues have Jim Raynor as a guest-star.

While DC Comics cancelled the ongoing series, they revealed plans to launch a StarCraft Graphic Novel at a later time. It has not been officially announced yet, and no previews or release date so far.

The StarCraft comic book writer Simon Furman (known for The Transformers) slipped in his blog a few months ago one detail about the upcoming StarCraft Graphic Novel: It spans 120 pages. Read more here.

There is another glimpse into the upcoming StarCraft Graphic Novel featured in the last issue of the StarCraft comic book (December 2009). The last page showed an artwork revealing StarCraft Ghost: Nova standing triumphant over the unconscious bodies of the War Pigs.

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