StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Teaser: New Terran Unit

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Blizzard Entertainment began releasing teasers of the new units available in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm multiplayer. The first one released over at the StarCraft II Facebook is a bulky terran unit.

It’s a bit hard to figure out what this new unit is. I zoomed in using Photoshop, and the silhouette seems to suggest both arms are holding a shield like the one used by Marines when upgraded.

It’s hard to think of a multiplayer melee unit carrying two shields unless it is a bulky medic, a utility more than offensive unit, or a type of melee unit that serves as a meat shield put at the front of your troops which deals a wide area of effect damage with that gadget located on the upper-back right behind the head.

A zoomed-in look at its legs seem to indicate this unit has wheels. Is this a transformer-like unit? Certainly this new terran unit is more than meets the eye!

The gadget looks like a laser cannon, or a mini-missile/nuke launcher. However, the nozzle-like silhouette might suggest a flame-thrower. This is an odd terran unit. As a first impression, strategically speaking, I think this unit could be the equivalent of the Protoss Sentry’s Force Field as a support unit to divert damage away from infantry, or to block incoming of many units like zerglings or zealots.

Could the unleashing of expansion unit teasers mean StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta begins on Q4 2011?

Blizzard Entertainment also released a new StarCraft II Wallpaper featuring Sarah Kerrigan at the moment the Zerg surrounded her in the Tarsonis platform as seen in one of the StarCraft II cinematics.

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