Songhammer on CBS The Doctors

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in World of Warcraft News

The famous dynamic-duo, Songhammer, appeared mysteriously in the CBS show “The Doctors” when Health Correspondent Melanie Woodrow walked throughout the streets of Hollywood to run a Flu IQ on people.

Would you ask your doctor for a antibiotic to cure your Flu symptoms? Most people answered yes, which is the wrong answer. Antibiotics are to inhibit bacterial growth (or commonly known as anti-bacterial).

When Melanie Woodrow asked the Songhammer if he had taken the Flu shot, he responded “No … Flu Shot, because I use magic to infuse my body!”

While in real life, we don’t recommend people to cure Flu or any other illness with [magic], I’d say it was very hilarious. Or very amusing to people who have no clue about World of Warcraft and video games. – source


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