Shadowmoon Valley & Maiev

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Shadowmoon Valley was opened this evening unleashing a few eyebrow-rising things.  Blood Elves are learning the skills of the demonhunter path as initiates, dreadlords, doomguards and satyrs are tagged as Illidari Servants.  The Spirit of Gul’dan and the Earthern Ring are located at Gul’dan’s Hand area.  Maiev Shadowsong is imprisoned at the underground pens of Warden’s Cage fortress. The Dragonmaw and Bonechewer clans are in Shadowmmoon Valley.  The Dragonmaw are taming the Netherdragons.  Akama stands in front of Maiev’s cell and is planning to betray Illidan. Check out the screenshots and video.  Share it with your friends and guilds.

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