Rumor control: Sylvanas and the Old gods?

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Does Sylvanas seek power of the Old gods?  That’s a rumor that is gone around for some time.  The Journal of Warden Belamoore and the Prison Break In Quest in Tarren Mill seems to point in some direction we should further investigate.  Four Forsaken escaped the Undercity, stealing four Bloodstones from Sylvanas and the Apothecary Society.  Such bloodstones drain blood and have Elemental properties: water, fire, wind and earth.

Now that we know that the Blood Elves will be the new Horde race, and that they have some sort of special alignment with Sylvanas, the Tower of Althalax Quest is starting to make a bit more of sense.  There is a convoy of Humans, Blood Elves and Undead Forsaken named The Dark Strand stationed at the Bathran’s Haunt in Northwestern Ashenvale and at the Tower of Althalax in northern Darkshore.  They follow orders of a Blood Elf named Athrikus Narassin.

Now we have a mysterious Blood Elf – Athrikus Narassin – that has lived as an immortal since the Sundering according to the The Fall of Ameth’Aran & Bashal’Aran in Darkshore invoking a meeting of Warlocks from all around the world of Azeroth, of all races to meet in Darkshore.  We have Naga nearby and the Twilight’s Hammer by the Master’s Glaive.

Paladin Delgren the Purifier – in The Tower of Althalaxx (lvl 28) quest – sends you to Xavian and Night’s Run in eastern Ashenvale to free two highborne spirits bound by Athrikus Narassin within Soul Gems.  Delgren implies somehow that the Satyrs and Athrikus might be allied.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear connection between the Dark Strand and the Forsaken, or the Twilight’s Hammer.  However, this looks creepy if true.

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