Richard A. Knaak Message to BlizzCon Fans

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Richard A. Knaak got back to me last night, with an update of what happened at San Diego Comic Con this past days, and what to expect at BlizzCon on Friday, August 3rd.

Knaak: “Have a chance to update you on events at the Comicon.  First, a
wonderful signing by Jae-Hwan Kim and myself both Thursday and Sunday
at the Tokyopop booth with the latter day nearly two hours straight
without pause.  The fans were wonderful and in addition to the three
volumes, we signed several Kaplan SAT/ACT volumes.  There were shots
of the new color prologue from the Ultimate Edition, due out around
September/October,  a hardcover that will be roughly the same
dimensions as an American trade paperback from what I understand. 
Concept art and a new cover included.

Best of all … a second manga was finally announced, much to the
surprise and pleasure of Jae-Hwan and myself, not to mention the
fans.  We’d been waiting for Blizzard and Tokyopop to finish discussions and
knew that it would eventually come to pass, but the waiting was
agonizing!  Expect to see a couple of characters from the first
manga, plus new ones, and know that this manga will tie into not only
the game, but the novels, too.

More on this as the story comes together!  Just wanted to add this to
your news reports!

Also did a signing with Simon & Schuster for The Sin War, where every
copy went!  Nice poster boards of all three volumes, including the as-
yet-unreleased VEILED PROPHET, and, to top it all off, the brand-new, 
brilliant cover for the WAR OF THE ANCIENTS Archive, due out this
fall.  I’ll have all four covers at Blizzcon, hopefully displayed
somewhere very visible!

Hope to see everyone at Blizzcon!  I’ll be on the expanded universe
panel that will take place at 1:00pm on Friday in Room
204 located on the second floor of the convention center and no doubt
will do a signing or two.

My thanks, as ever, to the fellow fans of the greatest games of all!



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