Random Updates & Bug in Beta 8770

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The following video shows two new updates introduced in beta build 8770.  The Stone golem placeholders at the Altar of Zim’Rhuk in Zul’Drak were replaced by the intended models.  They look nice. The Culling of Stratholme is not yet available, but Caverns of Time was updated. Next to the Black Morass zone-in you can now see the path to the Culling of Stratholme with buildings and people. Something I couldn’t add in time to the video was the bad change made to the Vrykul. The vrykul was the most beautiful and face-expressive model/skin in the game besides the blood elves. Now the Vykrul look too cartoonish.



The end of the video shows an interesting bug where a player was able to fly in Durotar the same way you would in Outland. Very sorry, but I won’t reveal how to reproduce this bug. This video proofs that flying is possible in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms.  It is simply a matter of fixing all the incomplete mountains with no textures, and patching up the illusions with real building models. Stormwind is said to be an optical illusion, instead of fully modeled buildings. Seen from above, or from other angles you would see floating walls and hollowness. The question is … is it worth all the manpower and time to remodel the old world? By the time people acquires a flying mount (lvl 70), everything in the old world is low level. The only 70 content is Zul’Aman and Karazhan.

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