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Rampaging Polygons was originally created as an online presence for the various projects of myself, Xaran Alamas site owner and administrator, such as my Warcraft III total conversion Forsaken Destiny, as well as being the home of the famed Realm Design modding team most well known for the Dawn of Chaos mod – a remake of the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.

A major focus of the site is on modding the Warcraft 3 and Starcraft games created by Blizzard Entertainment, I’m also hoping to offer hosting for Warcraft and Starcraft projects or if you’ve already got hosting feel free to advertise your mod, map or campaign to our membership.

However I’m not setting out to be the number one source for modding Blizzard games on the net. To me modding is meant to be about having fun and so Rampaging Polygons is simply intended as a fun site for modders to gather and enjoy our common hobby in the presence of fellow modders.

But it’s not just modding! We also offer gaming discussion forums for when you’re not modding and areas for artists and other creative people to ply their trade and display their creations.

So if anyone wants to join a fun creative community please come along you’ll be very welcome. smile


Xaran Alamas.
Owner and administrator of Rampaging Polygons.com

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