R.I.P. Prelude Guild

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My guild decided to disband.  It is something that strikes me deep.  I joined Prelude a month before Burning Crusade launched. I played around 98% of all guild raids, if not more, and was the member with most DKP. I don’t have complains about the guild, its members, not even the leadership.  I would say it was the best guild both in content progression and friendship.

It is sad to see the guild disband when we had reached Illidan.  On our first attempt, we got him to 55%.  Only fought him for two weeks.  The guild didn’t disband due to drama.  It wasn’t about players sucking. In fact, this was a very good guild, and we had the DPS and healing to tackle Illidan.

There were some random factors. One of the Class Leads left the guild—because the guild leader wasn’t on much when it came to guild bank matters. Another because he was sitting bench too often. Another one because he had not looted much T6.  Nothing world-breaking as to cause a guild to disband.

One big factor possibly was the constant wiping at Archimonde after the recent patch and hotfix which completely changed the dynamic of the fight.  The frustration left deep footprints. People simply stopped coming to raid time for about a week.  For a few days we would see 18 players online at 8pm, when raids start usually at 7:15pm.  Sometimes we would have 14, 22. Couldn’t have 25 online to start raiding. I have talked with a few members, and we had reached the conclusion that since the patch, everything went downhill.  We had Archimonde on farm-mode for months.  Suddenly, Archimonde is air bursting the tank, or doomfires chasing or surrounding melee in a behavior never seen before.

I really felt comfortable in this guild.  I will miss all the players and leaders. Long live Prelude in our hearts and memory.

In the immediate future, I am applying to a guild.  Doesn’t look like I will get recruited, but hope to find a guild like Prelude where there weren’t leaders or members with ego or drama. Some guild members told me they would stop playing WoW. Others have told me they won’t join a guild until Wrath of the Lich King.  As for me … I will continue playing WoW and currently seeking a new guild to continue raiding Black Temple, and take on Sunwell Plateau. I will also be tackling Wrath of the Lich King beta and play the retail.

In the meantime, I am going to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals, and afterward will focus once more on job searching through July.

If any good Sunwell Plateau/Black Temple Guild on Zul’jin wants me, feel free to contact me. My main is a Holy Paladin.

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