PTR Testing Request: Global Cool Down

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Hortus made a special request to all WoW players assisting Blizzard with the Public Test Realms. If you have experienced issues with the new Global Cooldown on PTR patch 2.3.2, use Fraps or GameCam to record it and submit it to the PTR Team at the following forum thread.  Upload your video to filefront.

Hortus: Hello everyone.

I have a request from our combat testing team to gather more information about the reports of abilities becoming unavailable due to the global cooldown improperly triggering.

After extensive testing we have not been able to reproduce this issue internally under controlled circumstances.

What we would like to see is a clean video of the issue happening on the current PTR.

If someone can reproduce this issue consistently and provide a good video then we can try to reproduce the issue under the same circumstances.

When making such a video please be sure:
You have NO UI MODS active
You have the framerate displayed (CTRL+R)
You include in your post what your average latency is (mouse over the latency meter to get this)

Remember we have to be able to clearly see in the video what is going on, so please use a minimal amount of characters in an uncluttered location.

Thank you in advance.

Blizzard QA

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