PTR 2.4 UI Changes and Outdoor Scenarios

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The first thing you notice at login is the changes made to the Combat Log UI.  Now it has four tabs: Default, Everything, Me, Friends.

After opening the Menu to access the Interface Options, you will notice a complete overhaul of the options. It no longer looks alike.  Now it looks more like Cosmos UI, separating everything into tab categories: Control, Combat, Display, Quests, Social, Action Bars, Names, Combat Text, Status Text, Party & Raid, Camera, Mouse, Help.


Once on the Sunwell Isle, if you are level 1-4 after the hour of trials swimming to defeat the fatigue bar you will find out sourly that you wasted most of your time.  Every inch of the Sunwell Isle is crawling with Demons, Undead Scourge, Skeletal Ravagers, Wretched (Undead High Elves), Morlocs, Infernals and Blood Knights. These are for the outdoor daily quests. And if you take a close look at the first screenshots below, it seems the Burning Legion and the Undead Scourge are in battle against each other at the Dead Scar portion of the Sunwell Isle. So definitely there is Arthas’ presence and a peculiar interest in the Sunwell Isle. I also heard that we won’t be killing Kil’jaeden at the Sunwell.  His animations show him falling downwards back through the portal.


Turbin @ Gorefiend and Steron @ Blackrock report that Kalecgos from the Sunwell Plateau dungeon dropped a Boar’s Speed Enchant Recipe (Bind on Pickup, BOP), whereas the other one is BOE.

Do you have your own screenshots or video of a dungeon raid in the Sunwell Plateau? Make sure to send them to us here and provide your in-game screen name.

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