PTR 2.4 - Superman Bug Video

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PTR 2.4 is live once more. And if you thought the superman bug had been fixed, think twice. I don’t recommend accepting duel invitations or getting lured by a tempting PvP flagged player who seems to be /AFK. Stats obtained from the exploit reset after zone in, which means players won’t retain the stats inside dungeons, battlegrounds or Arena matches (thanks, Vermithrax@Khadgar). I hopped into PTR 2.4 to check out if the bug had been fixed. To my surprise a machine-gun-like melee fight welcomed upon entering the world server.  An Alliance druid and a priest were dueling, and I couldn’t believe how fast their melee haste were.  At first I thought there was a hunter’s snake trap nearby but it was a duel.

The bug increases stamina, spell haste, melee haste, critical %, and other stats in unbelievable proportions by duplicating the exploit steps once and again.  I started taking video of the duel experience so that you could believe me.  Suddenly, the priest aggroed the Shattered Sun NPCs, and to my surprise she was one-shotting the NPCs and spamming holy fire at incredible spell haste speed. I found a mage doing incredible damage too. When checking the combat log I gasped in disbelief.

Here is a rough transcript of the combat log:

Mage arcane missiles hits by 555733 Arcane damage.
Mage ignite damages by …. 21,860,698 … Fire.
Mage pyroblast hits by 1,619,140 Fire damage.
Mage Fire Blast hits by 664,635

Druid Healing Touch heals by 2,405,368 Nature (Critical)
Druid Melee Hits by 52,436

Combat log screenshots below after the break.

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