Project Revolution Public Q&A Soon

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On Wednesday, a group of staff members from many fansites met on IRC chat for a private Q&A with the developers of the long-awaited Project Revolution.  For those who have been living under a rock for last three years, Project Revolution is a Starcraft-to-Warcraft III Total Conversion.

Of the old team very few remain, but fresh talent has joined to wield and carry-on forth the flag.  And it has not been for naught for the end is nigh! A year ago, the team had reached a 50% of work done.

Although no date of release was offered, it seems things are getting closer. Most of our private Q&A needs to remain secret for a couple of weeks, as agreed by all fansites present.  The Q&A on last wednesday was to give a chance to fansites to throw in questions in advance for the avalanche of fans to join the upcoming public Q&A will be historical in the modding community.

It will be worth the wait for in a week or two we will announce the date of a Public Q&A with the Project Revolution developers.  Note that they are fans working hard for the fans.  They are not part of Blizzard Entertainment. The team is hosted by WC3Campaigns.  Be alert of a definite date for the Q&A and start gathering questions.

Basically, they are creating Starcraft 3D Models of units, buildings, attack special effects, tilesets, doodads; and throwing them in into the Warcraft 3 engine for a awesome Starcraft 3D RTS experience. Even the interface will look like the Starcraft: Broodwar game.  You need to be owner of Starcraft, Starcraft: Brood War, and Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos to play.  One of my questions were related to this. The Project Revolution installer will ask for those game CDs to install necessary files.  This reduces the file size of the Total Conversion and makes sure you have a legal copy of the game.

I invite you to visit and bookmark the Project Revolution website. It has gameplay screenshots and screenshots of Terran, Protoss and Zerg 3D model units and buildings as a sneak peek.  Among the fansites that met in private chat are: Blizzplanet,, SCLegacy,,, GGL, CAL and mYm.

As you see the private Q&A was taken serious by some of the top Starcraft and Warcraft fansites. Below are links to the sneak peek.  Make sure to gather your questions in advance for the moderated Public Q&A.  SCLegacy-rise will be moderating the upcoming Q&A. On another note, what made us think the Project Revolution is reaching its end of production is … Project Revolution Team has announced their new Game Studios name: Snowflake Entertainment. Many of the guys are seriously considering game development as a career. Stay tuned and don’t miss the Public Q&A. You will want to find out if the project will have Multiplayer on or if you can create your own campaigns.