Project Revolution: 3D artists, texture, skinning needed

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Are you an expert in 3D modeling, textures and skinning?  Remember Low-polygon artwork with great quality is needed above all. You are needed by Project Revolution to finish special effects, attack effects, tileset terrain and other features. Internally, I was told how much is left of the project. Let’s just say if you are talented, fans around the world will be in debt to you. An image is worth a thousand words.  So get all your samples showing your talent to join the team.

If your work impresses Snowflake Entertainment, they will contact you.  It is volunteer non-paid work, but you get credit for one of the most expected mods in history if you seek to work in the gaming industry someday.

Create a new thread with an attractive title and post screenshots of your work related to textures, terrain, explosions, special effects, and 3D models.

Post your 3D artwork to apply!

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