PCZone# 190 - Wrath of the Ling King Round Up

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Here is some excerpt from the PCZone# 190 UK Magazine featuring an interview with Jeff Kaplan concerning the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Don’t forget to check out Blizzard and the official WoW site next week for BlizzCast (audio podcast) where Jeff Kaplan will reveal details of patch 2.4 Sunwell Plateau.

1. Blizzard has made sure all zones of Northrend are not ice and snow.
2. Howling Fjord was modelled after the Redwood Forest (Pacific north-west).
3. Borean Tundra was designed with autumn colors.
4. Wintergrasp Lake is a PvP Zone, with no PvE quests. No dungeons. Just raw PvP, siege weapons and building destruction.
5. Alliance and Horde has access to Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.
6. Alliance enters Howling Fjord through the Fjord Walls, and you find a big battle around you.
7. Horde enters Howling Fjord through a Forsaken town with Undercity-like architecture with a Tim Burton feel.
8. On the Borean Tundra, Alliance players arrive to a big stronghold and a steam ship.
9. Alliance in Borean Tundra is preparing an expeditionary force to reach Icecrown to defeat Arthas.
10. Horde is entering Borean Tundra through the massive Warsong Fortress led by Garrosh Hellscream. The hordish base will inspire awe.
11. Content for players who reach lvl 80 will ensure constant things to do whether for hardcore or casual players.
12. As soon as players start questlines in Northrend at level 70, everyone will experience dialogue interaction with Arthas.

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