Patch 3.2 - The Isle of Conquest Preview

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Blizzard has previewed The Isle of Conquest Battleground which is debuting in the upcoming Patch 3.2: Call of the Crusade.  This battleground is an Alterac-style all out war between the Alliance and the Horde with various points of interest similar to Wintergrasp.  With the preview out the PTR shouldn’t be too far for testing.

Blizzard Quote:
An island somewhere off the shores of Northrend. A rock, hardly worth a second look. But as insignificant as it may seem, this is no ordinary place. A sound of thunder as waves crash endlessly against rocky cliffs; a sound of fury as swords clash on the blood-stained fields of this island on the edge of forever.

Welcome to the Isle of Conquest.

The ongoing struggle between Horde and Alliance has turned many once peaceful (and some not-so peaceful) places into theaters of constant war. The Isle of Conquest is the latest such place, set to be the location of a battle of epic proportions over the island’s precious resources.

An Alliance and a Horde general are fighting for dominance, overseeing the action from the safety of their keeps. Whichever side manages to eliminate the enemy general first will triumph on the island; failure to protect your leader will bring shame, dishonor, and defeat. There is no peace accord here, and it

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