Patch 2.4 imminent?  WoW PTR Forums Down

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UPDATE 8pm EST – The PTR Forum is back, with a complete thread wipe. However, DO NOT POST at the PTR Forums yet. Or you will get banned. Serious. And they mean it. Posts are getting deleted within 2-5 minutes. The pile of banned people is staggering. The following message was posted:



Drysc: “I can appreciate that you love and enjoy playing the game and are excited about seeing the patch notes. We’re excited about seeing 2.4 get out there, get some testing, and then release with a bunch of great new content. It’s just a little while longer. Sit tight, enjoy the weekend.” Read More


Hortus: “Please be patient, when new information is available regarding the PTR it will be posted here.

Until then there is no reason to post in this forum, any threads will be deleted and your posting privileges may be removed.”


As commented recently, odd things keep happening:
1. Blizzard released tons of PTR 2.4 patch notes highlights simultaneously in different threads. Heralding PTR Release announcement?
2. Heard rumor PTR 2.4 would be released by Thursday
3. Delayed. Servers become unstable, dungeon servers down Thursday evening (Coincidence the rumor and dungeon servers went down same day?).
4. PTR Copy Character page is enabled (colored), but can’t copy characters. Usually the PTR icon is gray if its disabled.
5. At 6pm EST today Friday, February 8th, the PTR forum is down and removed from the Forums List dropdown and removed from the Forums Index.

Do we want Patch 2.4 so much we are seeing hallucinations where there are none? Is it really coming?

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