Patch 2.1.0 - Lot of Humor

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The new patch seems to have some amusing easter eggs and pop culture references.

1. The Rulkster – he is inside the Black Temple dungeon as a vendor.  His model is strange.  A very tall human higher than Medivh’s.  He is very muscular, and wears trousers.  Shirtless.  He is bald on the center of his head and long white hair on the sides around.  He flexes his arms as if posing.  Give up yet?

Hulk Hogan the Hulkster – WWF Wrestling Champion

2. The Sarge’s Bullet (Purple item)
Adds 50 damage per second
Inscription: “More Pew Pew, Less QQ”.

3. Flaskataur’s Flask of Flaskocity – Use: Increases the player’s mana regeneration by 25 mana per 5 seconds for 2 hours.  Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir.  This effect persists through death.
Inscription: “Bears the mark of the Flaskataur.”

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