Patch 1.11 Features and Hotfixes

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Tigole alerted of two bugfixes that will be implemented tomorow during the maintenance schedule:


  • We’re working on the following hotfixes that will go live shortly:

    • Fixed a bug in the Ossirian Encounter that was causing the Vortexes to be invisible—Ahn’Qiraj 20

    • Fixing a bug that caused Chrommaggus’s Time Lapse ability to bring the player’s health to the wrong value. This hotfix will not go live until after tomorrow morning’s scheduled maintenance.


  • In Patch 1.11 we’re going to add to the User Interface so that you’ll be able to reset the instance in a more obvious way.

  • You’ll be able to more easily repair your Goblin Factions in Patch 1.11. We’re adding a few quests for people who became unfriendly or lower so that they can more easily get back to neutral with the various goblin towns associated with the Steamwheedle Cartle.

    We won’t be giving a “bloodsail” path for the new armor quests, because, well, we won’t be giving pirate hats to the people who stayed in the good graces of the goblins. But we will make it easier for you to repair your faction if you wish to do those quests.

  • Prior to patch 1.10, the mini-bosses near the end of Scholomance were designed to drop a random green a majority of the time, with a small chance at dropping a blue. When we decided to improve the loot in Scholomance from green to blue we also decided to lower the drop rate on the actual items which dropped from the mini-bosses since these encounters do not warrant a blue item drop every time. So we took the green items which dropped from the mini-bosses, improved their statistical values, converted them to blue (rare), and lowered their drop rate. We decided to fill in the rest of the loot table with trade skill items, and things such as Dark Runes and Skin of Shadows, since, as already stated, these mini-bosses do not warrant a guaranteed blue drop every kill.

    The end result of this change is that many of you will only receive a single blue item after killing the six mini-bosses. While we do feel these changes were justified, we realize that it doesn’t feel very rewarding given that a number of you were accustomed to the previous drop situation.

    So in an upcoming patch we’re making additional improvements which will guarantee 2 blue items upon clearing the mini-bosses, as well as preserve the increased drop rate brought about with 1.10 over all items which drop from the mini-bosses.

    In effect, these changes combined will have more than doubled what players are currently getting from the mini-bosses in Scholomance.

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