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I will let you judge for yourself …

Namtar @ Eldre’Thalas: Sir,

I know I may be a peon in our struggle with the Alliance over the resources in Alterac Valley, but I couldn’t help but notice a small problem with the Keep. It seems sir that in this bitter climate some of those charged with the upkeep of the Keep have been slacking. If you step outside the gates of the Keep you’ll notice someone has allowed a large mound of snow to build up around the Keep.

Now I may be a peon but I’m pretty sure you had those large pointy logs driven into the ground to keep invaders and the local wildlife outside the keep when the front gate is closed. Well let me tell you sir, I’ve seen on several occasions raiders jumping these large pointy logs by using the snow banks which have been allowed to accumulate around the Keep. I’ve even seen these raiders use this mound of snow when the guards are caught slacking and the front gate is still wide open!

Yes sir you read that right, the front gate, wide open, they could ride straight through, and yet the raiders decide not to use this path but instead use that mound of snow to get into your Keep!

May I suggest sir you put your foot down and demand that this be remedied. Heck if you’ll give me a shovel I’ll move that mound of snow myself!

Again sir I’m just a peon, I mean no disrespect, but it seems someone isn’t keeping up with their duties in ensuring the Frostwolf Keep is secure, that or you should consider assigning someone snow removal duty.


Zarhym (Blizzard): I forwarded your message onto Drek’thar. He replied, “Snow! Outside my keep?! Shovel it all!”—(Source)

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