Next-Gen MMO Titan: Working Class Fansites Song Parody

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Eirik (Project Titan Norge Fansite community manager) sent Blizzplanet heads up of a recent video he and his friends developed. They sing a lyrics based on Blizzard’s upcoming Next-Gen MMO Titan.

We have heard of Titan for a while now, but Blizzard Entertainment has absolutely kept details in deep secrecy. This year yielded no BlizzCon. Morhaime hinted recently plans for a 2013 BlizzCon. Will that be the time for a Titan announcement? No one knows. Even if it was announced on 2013, it’s a precedent that Blizzard won’t ship the game for at least 2-3 years after announcement.

In hope that Blizzard will soon announce the Titan Project, this team of Titan fans united to create this video singing the lyrics of a desperate Titan fan seeking any sign, any sliver of hope that Titan might be announced.

I commend this team of fans for their effort. Like them, Blizzplanet was born as a spin-off to We waited and waited for StarCraft II to be announced. In 2002, the original staff was hoping to hear Blizzard announce StarCraft II at the Tokyo Game Show, but instead StarCraft: Ghost was announced. A couple of months later, the staff decided to launch Blizzplanet as an all-Blizzard games fansite. This upcoming January 2013, Blizzplanet turns age 10.

Don’t lose hope, Titan fans! Stand strong.

“A song based on Green Day’s version of ‘Working Class Hero’ about how it is to run a fansite for an MMO that’s not even announced yet. In this case that would be Project Titan from Blizzard, their next next-gen MMO. We sing and look stupid and thats about it. Enjoy.”

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