New Wow TCG Tabards - Patch 2.4.3

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New World of Warcraft In-Game Items on the Upper Deck Points Store!
Six New Exclusive Tabards!

For the first time since the launch of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, The Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) Points Store will be expanding its World of Warcraft In-Game item offering, with six new tabards! Each tabard will feature a different colored variant of the Black Flame logo featured on the back of World of Warcraft Trading Card Game cards.

Starting after Blizzard’s 2.4.3 patch, the UDE Points Store will roll out these new tabards.  Players will be able to match their love of the Trading Card Game with their in-game fashion sense, since the six new tabards will offer something to go with just about any set of Armor!

The Tabard of Nature will be green; the Tabard of the Arcane will be purple; the Tabard of the Void, black; the Tabard of Brilliance, white; the Tabard of Fury, yellow; and the Tabard of the Defender, orange.

Each of the tabards will be made available in the coming months, so stay tuned to for more information!.

Tabard of Brilliance

Tabard of Fury

Tabard of Nature

Tabard of Arcane

Tabard of the Defender

Tabard of the Void
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