New Warcraft Novel and Manga

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It is been six months since our interview with Richard A. Knaak, where we talked about Diablo: The Sin War.  In the interview, Richard said there were plans for a Warcraft Manga.  Those plans were still on thin air back then.  It seems those plans are more solid as times goes.

Knaak revealed there will be a new Warcraft novel with Rhonin and Krasus – which is on synopsis stage, and additionally a Burning Crusade Manga featuring Tyri and Jorad Mace—yeah, those folks at the Celestial Ridge in Netherstorm.

More details will be shared when the projects approach release date.

As an exclusive, Richard A. Knaak will be in Europe making a public appearance and book signing event.

Knaak: “for any European folk on your site, barring unforeseen
circumstances, I will be a guest of Istrocon/Comic Salon 2007 in
Bratislava, Slovakia Sept. 14-16!  A rare European visit and an even
rarer eastern one.  There may be another stop in Brno, Czech, but
that is still up for debate.  I’ve not announced this yet anywhere

Don’t forget about the novel by Aaron Rosenberg due August 2007.  His novel is titled World of Warcraft: Tides of Darkness, novelizing the classic RTS game expansion of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.  Read our previous interview with Aaron Rosenberg if you missed it.

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