Nethaera 5-Year Anniversary at Blizzard Entertainment

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Nethaera has been a very important pillar of the World of Warcraft community as community manager these past five years. Nethaera and Tommy Newcomer (Creative Team) are celebrating their fifth anniversary in the company, and thus Blizzard Entertainment has awarded her with a sword given to all employees who have been aboard for five years. Wish I knew who else to name them. Blizzplanet congratulates Nethaera and all Blizzard employees.

I have met Nethaera a few times at BlizzCon, Blizzard Headquarters, and in Paris. She’s absolutely a very sweet person — except when her German-temper pops (thankfully I haven’t been around when that happens). Overall, I have very fond memories of her both in person and via e-mail.

She would reach out several times a month providing Blizzplanet with info, previews, and support in many ways.

I have a very cool anecdote to share with you of a personal experience I lived through with Nethaera in real life, and why I respect and esteem her aside from her feats as a World of Warcraft community manager. This one is more on a non-gaming aspect. It was a serious business real life quest, and she was the best tank leading us back home safely.

More on Blizzard Employees Service Awards: Swords and Shields Ceremony.

2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals Paris Anecdotes

One of those nights in Paris, Bashiok and Nethaera took all fansites reporters to dinner at a Spanish food restaurant near the Porte de Versailles Exposition Center where the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals was celebrated at. This was a dinner fully paid by Blizzard Entertainment. Actually, all dinners and hotel expenses, and my flight ticket were covered by Blizzard Entertainment. I love Blizzard long-time.

Everyone was having fun at the restaurant sharing some quality time with some Blizzard employees, and other fansite members. I remember it wasn’t as fun for me. I traveled to Paris with a massive tooth ache, and migraine. However, I was happy to attend the event, and to be around so many passionate folks.

After a few hours at the restaurant, everyone was ready to leave. Blizzard provided bus transportation from the hotel to the convention center, but in the evening it’s not easy to find a private bus company for transportation. On previous days, Blizzard had a private bus and mini-vans to transport fansites and press back to the hotel. However, this day in specific we stayed longer than usual at the restaurant, and the evening was upon us — considering there’s a bright sun at 8:00 pm in Paris.

Bashiok and other Blizzard folks left, while Nethaera stayed with the fansites, and escorted us to the subway train station to take us back to the hotel.

Once there, surprise-surprise! There was no trains running for whatever reason they said in French language. So now we had to walk back to the hotel without a map. Heck, what was the hotel address? I had no clue what the hotel name was either. Stress started to build up and surround fansite folks.

Our only hope was one of the fansite guys who said he had a GPS device to guide us through the ordeal of walking back to the hotel. Nethaera and the group of fansites walked a considerable distance following him. Funny thing is the GPS guy kept walking faster than any of us, and Leeroy Jenkins-away from us at a corner so fast we lost track of our only means to reach the flipping hotel.

We had been walking for about half and hour when the GPS guy went AWOL. At that point everyone decided to split — which I considered a very foolish thing to do in a place we had yet to earn exploration XP. A few fansite reporters decided to walk back to the hotel on their own — I asked one of them next day, and he told me they walked for about four hours, or so, arriving at the hotel past 3:00 am. Others decided to walk around to find Taxi. I had no idea how to get back to the hotel.

I was now alone with around five folks, including Nethaera.

Nethaera is literally Supergirl, a hero, and saved us. She paid a taxi and took the few of us aboard back to the hotel. <3 Nethaera I will never forget that day. Thank you!

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