Naga Couatl and Snapdragons

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There seem to be few surprises coming from White Wolf Publishing. A Warcraft d20 fan asked whether there was anything about Naga support units: Snapdragons, Coautl, etc. available in previous or upcoming RPG Books.  This is what Luke Johnson(Wow RPG Developer) and MagusRogue (RPG Game Designer) replied:

Luke: “Nothing yet, but a future release will contain information and stats for those creatures. How far in the future we’re talking about is, as always, a mystery.”

MagusRogue: “Couatl can also Dispel Magic at will. That’s the only reason why they’re magical beasts. They spit poison and dispel magic, trained by naga to hunt down mages. Couatl are actually a sea-living cousin of the wind serpent. They’re also almost twice as big as your average wind serpent. They can swim as well as climb and fly, and prefer to hunt crabs and turtles, but will eat anything that interests them.”

The Snapdragons and Couatls are among the support units serving the Naga.  Keep an eye on the World of Warcraft: Monster Guide hopefully being released in late 2006-2007.

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