MTV interviews Ludo Lullabi - Wow Comic Book

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Blizzplanet will in upcoming days an interview with Ludo Lullabi, World of Warcraft comic book artist. In the meantime, MTV has posted their own interview with Ludo Lullabi. Check it out here.

Multiplayer: Were you already familiar with the lore?

Lullabi: I was so excited to work on “WoW” because I have always been a huge fan of the game since it first came out in France. Therefore, I didn’t really have to “adjust,” I was there already. The fact that I am really familiar with “WoW” helped me capture the essence of the universe so I could translate it to the comic. Often, I am even doing in-game location reconnaissance. I am riding my sabertooth tiger or I am traveling in Azeroth to do some screen captures or I am simply sitting down in a quiet spot to draw, but these past months I had to quit the game a little and adapt to a tighter schedule. I have less occasions to play except when I do the location recon…

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