Moshu’gan Palace Dungeon – Exploration Video

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in World of Warcraft News

This is an exploration video of the Mogu’shan Palace. The dungeon only has two floors and three bosses. The lower floor is where the Gekkan boss is fought at. The last boss, Xin the Weaponmaster, can be accessed afterwards by going through the room of the first boss in the first floor, thus players don’t need to go downstairs at all if they wipe.

The artwork on the walls and floor suggest the Jade dragons, and the other Pandarian dragons were formerly involved with or enslaved by the Mogu milenia ago. Probably in the era the Pandaren fought the Mogu and set themselves and other races free, the dragons became allies with the Pandaren. The swirls on the wall represent the mists of pandaria.

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