More Starcraft & Warcraft Manga Updates

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More juice for your craving! Below are the writers and artists involved in the StarCraft Anthology (StarCraft: Frontline) and WarCraft Anthology (WarCraft: Legends).

Warcraft: Legends vol. 1

Story by Richard A. Knaak
Art by Jae-Hwan Kim

“The Journey”
Story by Troy Lewter and Mike Wellman
Art by Mi-Young No

“How to Win Friends”
Story by Dan Jolley
Art by Carlos Olivares

“An Honest Trade”
Story by Troy Lewter’
Art by Nam Kim

StarCraft: Frontline vol. 1

“Why We Fight”
Story by Josh Elder
Art by Ramanda Karmaga

Story by Richard A. Knaak
Art by Naohiro Washio

“Weapon of War”
Story by Paul Benjamin and Dave Shramek
Art by Hector Sevilla

“Heavy Armor, pt. 1”
Story by Simon Furman
Art by Jesse Elliott

Also, Warcraft: Legends will have a bonus preview of “Why We Fight” and StarCraft: Frontline will have a bonus preview of “The Journey.”

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