More Diablo II Site Updates

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Blizzard has been updating the Diablo II site for the last four weeks.  Check out the minor changes made today.

Minor Updates
*Monsters: Undead Horror (3 versions)(added Life Tap)
*Monsters: Undead Horror (added Life Tap)
*Monsters: Undead Horror (added Life Tap)
*The Horadric Cube (updated 1 requirement, updated Full Rejuv formula, rare item socket update)
*Rune Words: Breath of the Dying (updated damage)
*Assassin: Phoenix Strike (added tip)
*Assassin: Cloak of Shadows (added tip)
*Assassin: Blade Shield (updated tip)
*Unique Items: Doomslinger (damage error fixed)
*Unique Items: Demon Limb (damage updated)
*Unique Items: Que-Hegans (added varies)
*Barbarian: Whirlwind (text fix)

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