Michele Morrow Auctions Signed Cataclysm and StarCraft II CE for Child’s Play

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Our friend, the Scream Queen of Horror films actress Michele Morrow recently visited Blizzard Entertainment courtesy of Mark Gibbons (Red Knuckle) to get a tour through the studios, and to personally pickup a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition and a StarCraft II Collector’s Edition signed by several developers.

“I’m doing an Ebay Charity Auction for Child’s Play. 100% of the $$ will go to giving hospitalized, sick kids video games & toys. The auction ends 12/21 but I can mail it out fast for you if it’s a holiday gift. Read my blog for the links – appx. 100 Blizzard Developers, Designers, Artists and Animators, autographed my Collector’s Editions of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. Buy them as a gift and know your purchase went to a great cause!” — said Michele.

Michele Morrow just put these two signed products in auction to benefit the Child’s Play Charity Foundation. The actress recently braved herself to have a surgery, after her visit to the studios, where one of her ribs was removed. She’s now slowly recovering. Kinda inspires me to soothe my own personal fear. I’ll have a minor surgery on Tuesday.

If getting ahold of these signed games and to donate to Child’s Play is of interest to you, feel free to bid on these auctions:

Source: Michele Morrow website
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Blizzplanet interview with Michele Morrow. Michele on IMDB.

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