Magister’s Terrace - Upper Observatory Grounds

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Back from a day of playing Patch 2.4 PTR Servers, submiting bugs, taking screenshots and videos.  And attempting to reach revered.  Thus far, I am honored with the Shattered Sun faction in under 24 hours by completing the Quel’danas Isle daily quests and running Magister’s Terrace at least 4-5 times. Looks like a pretty good and quick grinding to honored.  Unless Blizzard nerfs it when the patch goes live, each mob in the dungeon gives 12 reputation.  Roughly 1,000+ reputation per run.

In upcoming days, I will be working with the screenshots and videos, so check Blizzplanet every day for any updates. I have divided the Magister’s Terrace into areas.  The first area I reviewed today was the Upper Observatory Grounds which is the bridge connecting the zone-in to the first boss’s room. You would be delighted to know the dungeon has outdoor and indoor scenarios. The bridge is an upper garden. Check out screenshots of the Upper Observatory Grounds and spell/abilities of each mob.

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