Luffa no longer useful past lvl 60

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If you were aiming at asking the GM to reimburse you that Luffa you tossed away to the NPC vendor some time ago, don’t even bother.  According to fan feedback in the official forums, Luffa has been changed in the latest patch. The tooltip now says the following:

Luffa: Remove one bleed effect.
Will not work on bleeds cast by enemies over level 60.

What this means is you can no longer use Luffa to attempt to remove bleed from Moroes in Karazhan.  The event is pretty stressful with the bleed as he usually inflicts it to 3 players or more, specially the healers.  I play an Undead Priest and I can say it is difficult to win if a priest gets garrote.  You have to use mana to shackle, heal the tank and heal yourself.  Things work out better with a druid casting innervate on the priest.

Now that Luffa is out of the question for the event, something I have been testing is fading when Moroes emotes: Well, well … where was I” during vanish.  It doesn’t eliminate the chance of getting garrote, but it seems to work most of the time. If a paladin is in the team—and this is not been tested—casting divine intervention on the main priest might lower the chance to get garrote. Don’t quote me on that.

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