Lands of Mystery Errata call-out

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MagusRogue – Game Developer of World of Warcraft RPG Books from White Wolf Publishing – is asking fans of the RPG Books to submit their Errata tips for a possible new Errata page and bonus.  If you find a mistake in the Lands of Mystery RPG Book, you can post it at the following forum. Specify the page, the mistake and the proper correction.

MagusRogue: “Hey guys, working on the file for Errata for Lands of Mystery. I need ya’ll to go through these threads and find the errata we’ve found that wasn’t answered by the bonus material.

Speaking of bonus material, I get to release errata on that stuff too… The Blue Whelp as Player Characters section failed to mention their 5 racial hit dice, as well as their natural weapons.

I love my job”

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