Lady Vashj Bites the Dust

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SWEET! Birthday was somewhat routine like any other day, except for my mother cooking my favorite dinner, and a tasty cake.  On the game lifestyle, what better birthday gift than … Lady Vashj’s Vial. Few days ago, we had Kael’Thas at least to the last phase before getting wiped.  Hopefully we get successful downing him before Tuesday maintainance.  Many thanks to all the Prelude Guild members for making this happen. Richard A. Knaak and Tokyopop are mailing me the Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy Ultimate Edition, pretty neat gift which coincidentially almost catches up with my birthday.  Knaak asked me yesterday if It had arrived. Thanks a bunch Richard, in advance.

So, on to the phat loot.

Lady Vashj’s Vial Remnant
Pattern: Belt of Deep Shadow
Prism of Inner Calm
Coral Band of the Revived
Helm of the Vanquished Hero

Lady Vashj’s Corpse

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