Kobold as New Alliance Race is a Hoax

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Rumor is going out that the new Alliance race of the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is the Kobolds due to a video going around online showing live gameplay footage of a player interacting with Kobold NPC vendors.  This is not true.  The video seems to be from an illegal server.  Consider the Kobolds as new race a well prepared hoax.  Should you see this video linked in any forum please let people know it is fake.  Blizzard Entertainment has made no official announcements of the new Alliance race.  It is possible the new race will be revealed at E3 2006 on May 10-12.  We are just 2 weeks away.  Be patient.

Please, refrain from posting a link to this movie in the official forums. The Official forum moderators are deleting the threads and possibly banning people for it. You were warned.

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