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Few weeks ago, Tigole revealed that the King of Stormwind would be relocated from Alcaz Island as a follow up for the Missing Diplomat Quest Series.  The Epic quest moves you from Westfall to Lakeshire, seeking info about the Defias Brotherhood, which is led by Edwin Van Cleef, ex-disciple of the leader of SI:7.  Lore may be read Here.  Later on, back at Stormwind the plot thickens as you discover that the Missing Diplomat is really the King of Stormwind who has been kidnapped by the Defias Brotherhood before he arrived to the coast of Dustwallow Marsh in his trip to meet Jaina Proudmoore at Theramore.

Visiting Wetlands, you find out a Theramore soldier involved in the kidnapping of the King, is really a Defias spy within the ranks of Theramore Armada. Once you capture him in Dustwallow Marsh, Jaina Proudmoore teleports to greet and thank you. The Quest ends there with no follow up as to the whereabouts of the King, nor hints you how to free him.  The Quest is simply incomplete.  However, Tigole mentioned the storyline will finally have a follow up in upcoming patches. We have a video to show you where the King is held at captive, before patch 1.9 comes live.  The Patch 1.9 will be released some time after New Year’s Holiday—details here.

Missing Diplomat—King of Stormwind
” This quest line is going to be re-addressed in the future. In patch 1.9, the King has mysteriously escaped from Alcaz”

Test Servers are up now, and the King of Stormwind is no longer in Alcaz Island.  New mobs have been added to guard Doctor Weavil, a mysterious Gnome lvl 63 Elite.  An airplane operated by two Dwarves lvl 60 Elite is sitting outside the cabin.  These mobs are allied to the Naga.  The plot thickens.

Watch the Wow: King of Stormwind Video (Requires: WMV 10)

Mac OS X/Linux Users: download VLC movie player here

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