Keyloggers and CTMod

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My apologies to the Community for not double-checking in advance but this needs to go out ASAP, just in case.  Someone at Aggramar server mentioned a friend that was stripped naked—all their items and armor sold.  Their bank completely empty, and all gold gone.  After installing the latest anti-virus updates and running a scan, a keylogger was installed inside CTMod folder.  This is basically the least place you would expect a keylogger to be hidden.

Now there are two possible things that may be happening. Either security of was breached and unaware it is distributing keyloggers, or while clicking on links anywhere on forums or visiting class guides or else, people is actually being fooled into downloading malicious code that installs a keylogger in the CTmod folder.

I will try to contact to alert them.

For Blizzard’s Warning Notice concerning keyloggers please read

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