Is Project Revolution Mod Dead?

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Certainly, with the announcement of Starcraft 2 many fans are now worried of two things that may happen to Project Revolution.  Blizzard couldn’t possibly shut down Project Revolution without hinting or revealing with that action that they were developing Starcraft 2.  This was a top secret development, and even the PR had many times denied they had been developing the sequel to Starcraft.

Now that Starcraft 2 was unveiled to be in development, Blizzard could shut down the project.  Project Revolution doesn’t break any Terms of Service or law.  They do not use Starcraft in the mod name.  Previous projects Blizzard has shut down used the title Starcraft in their project.  Or the word “expansion”.  One of those were named Return of the Xel’Naga.

Other projects such as the Command and Conquer: Generals total conversion—which can still be watched at Youtube—were hammered with a cease and desist letter from Blizzard Legal Department.  Project Revolution doesn’t use the title Starcraft in its name. Players require to have Starcraft and Warcraft III at the time of installation.  It asks for those CDs to be installed forcing you to have a legal copy of the game.  This curbs the use of pirated copies of the game.

The other worryness of fans now that Starcraft 2 was announced was that Project Revolution team would give up since now Warcraft III engine is obsolete.  Well, fear not.  We still have to wait at least a few weeks or months to see if Blizzard will send them a cease and desist letter.  The Project Revolution team is going to reconsider where to go from here on, but seem to wish to move forward with development of the mod.

Project Revolutions enjoys fame featuring in the pages of PCGamer Magazine and made 5th place in the Most Anticipated Mods of 2006 at ModDB.

Few weeks ago, before Starcraft 2 was announced, a representative of the mod team told me they would kick in development during the summer after college classes end.  According to their recent news post post-Blizzard announcement of Starcraft 2, Snowflake Entertainment will continue development the mod, and plan to learn Starcraft 2 engine to attempt to port Project Revolution using its ScumEditor Tool. In short, Project Revolution might be playable in Warcraft III Engine and Starcraft 2 Engine simultaneously.

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