InQuest Gamer Magazine features World of Warcraft TCG

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The InQuest Gamer Magazine issue# 136 was released on June 5 featuring the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game on the front cover. The 5-pages exclusive preview is a smash to any respectable TCG player. As GenCon Indy approaches, Upper Deck is releasing new details and images of the trading cards. Check out Wizard Universe for a short teaser text. Click on the images to the left for a large view.

The InQuest Gamer Magazine says:


“So cool it?s hot! So hot it?s cool! Discover all the secrets of World of Warcraft and Magic: Coldsnap?before the games are available in stores! Only we?ve got the previews, strategy and prices you can?t live without!

They?re all in InQuest Gamer #136, on sale today!

-An exclusive preview of Upper Deck?s upcoming World of Warcraft TCG. Get the skinny on play, ?loot? cards and ?raid decks? and how the card game can affect your online characters!”

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