IgroMir 2009: Starcraft II Developer Panel

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Yesterday, a Starcraft II Developer Panel played out at the IgroMir 2009 event in Russia. Blizzard updated the website with a rounds up of what the developers discussed there, which is basically what we learned over at BlizzCon, but more condensed. Still worth for those who missed going or watching the live stream. Check out the official site for further updates.

Developer Panel. StarCraft II
November 19 2009

On November 6 at Igromir, Lead Producer Chris Sigaty talked about the development of the hotly anticipated game, StarCraft II. He described some features that look set to make the sequel even better than the original and at the same time keep all the things that made StarCraft an RTS classic. Chris explained that four basic principles have been taken into account during the development of StarCraft II.

The first is to improve all the features of the original StarCraft; the second to implement an absolutely new approach to singleplayer in an RTS game. The third and the fourth principles are the complete incorporation of the game into the Battle.net platform, and the creation of a unique game editor. The game

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