IGN - Walter Simonson Interview

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Spider-sense tingling!  Somewhere on the net is another World of Warcraft: The Comic Book interview.  IGN roadblocked Walter Simonson to get any snippets of info behind the ambitious project.

IGN Comics: Let’s start with the basics – What’s the premise of your storyline? What era in the overall Warcraft timeline does this take place in?

Walt Simonson: A human with amnesia finds himself on the shores of Durotar. He finds himself attached to a crew of wandering gladiators and eventually seeks to discover who he is and where he came from. The story takes place in the ‘present’. (I’ve seen it reported on the web that I’ve said in another interview somewhere that the story in the comic takes places before the Burning Crusade. I don’t think I said that, certainly not intentionally. This story takes place more or less concurrently with the events of the Burning Crusade. I had thought it was actually afterwards, but there are some things in the comic that suggest a slightly more complicated temporal relationship with the Crusade now that my understanding of the passage of time in the game is a bit more comprehensive. And if I told you what they were, I’d be giving the game away.) -grins- So we’ll settle for ‘concurrently’.

Don’t forget to read Blizzplanet’s interview with Walter Simonson if you missed it a couple of weeks ago.

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