IGN Editors - Starcraft 2: The Response

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Three IGN Editors discuss features of Starcraft 2 Gameplay and artwork after the announcement, to analyze and speculate of what to expect on a polished version of the sequel.

Steve: “… I was impressed with nearly every aspect of the presentation but I didn’t find any genre-busting innovations. But that doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm or my expectations at all. Remember that World of Warcraft wasn’t terribly innovative either. It was Blizzard’s refinement of the MMOs traditions that makes that game so popular. I imagine we’re going to see the same thing with StarCraft II. It may not do anything revolutionary in terms of design but I’m certain that it will polish the standard RTS model to such a high level that it will force other RTS developers to seek out the innovations they’ll need in order to get out from under Blizzard’s shadow.

Then again, the expectations for StarCraft II are so unbelievably high, it may be that Blizzard would rather play it safe by giving gamers a game design that’s been proven to work in the past.”

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