IGN E3 Video Interview - Starcraft II Associate Producer

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IGN interviewed Tony Hsu, Starcraft II Associate Producer, to discuss further details of the Starcraft II protoss units.  Tony Hsu said they want to show something compelling to fans at BlizzCon 2007, the event where the game will make its first hands-on gameplay appearance to the public.  Attendees will be able to play Starcraft II at the Game Room against other attendees.

The Soul Hunter is a anti-infantry unit capable to killing many low hit-point units such as marines, zerglings, medics and resource gatherers.  The Soul Hunter has a single beam by default. Each time it kills a victim, it gains a power level.  After a couple of kills its beam gains an extra beam and you can see a visual representation that the beam is more powerful doing more damage.  It gets a maximum of three beams.

This video interview reveals a new Protoss building named the Twilight Council.  With this building you can train three new units: Soul Hunters, Dark Stalkers and the Immortal.  Watch the video interview.  Special thanks to theovermind.

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