Icecrown: Banshee

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Spoilers: The Icecrown Glacier quests are among the best quests in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and that’s an overstatement. Especially when Icecrown has at least 140 quests listed in the Achievements System.  When Blizzard Entertainment developers said this expansion was designed from the ground up to have Arthas the Lich King be a permanent presence throughout level 70-80, they weren’t bluffing.  Every single time you have a questline wrap up fighting special bosses, Arthas the Lich King will pop up in and out like Nightcrawler … (BAMPF, sulfur stench and all).

In this Ebon Blade questline, the Banshee you converted to the Ebon Blade’s cause helps you capture the bravest Vrykul hero from his hibernation chamber and to defeat it. Thereafter, you challenge Overthane Balargarde and lo and behold … Arthas the Lich King shows up midfight. Tremble mortals!

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