I love Starcraft—Starcraft Manga Prizes added

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A reminder to send in your photo holding the I love SC image to participate in the Photo Mosaic contest held by Blizzard.  A few chosen submissions will get a Starcraft 2 T-Shirt, and I have upped the stakes.  From Tokyopop, we got five Starcraft Mangas to give away to fans who submit an entry to Blizzplanet.

The Starcraft Manga is coming out on August 2008.  You will know more details of the Manga by the weekend. I will be going to New York Comic Con to talk with Richard A. Knaak and Keith R.A. DeCandido.  Both writers are creating two Starcraft manga projects.  DeCandido’s is titled Starcraft: Frontlines.  Knaak’s—I don’t think I can yet say the title, but it is a trilogy. You can pick one of both as a gift, if you are chosen among the winners.

First: Simply download the following image:

Second: Print the image

Third: Take a photo of yourself holding the printed-image. It must be 1024×768 size. If you do not have a printer, digital camera or scanner … no problem. Use your creativity with Photoshop or GIMP using the provided image.

Fourth: Submit your entry to

Read the elegibility and rules terms.

Below is a submission from MijnWraak – a Diablo3.com Forum Member – who preferred to be creative with the I Love SC image.  I don’t know if Blizzard will pick this one among the 100 submissions to be used in the Photo Mosaic, but certainly I found it humorous on its own right.

MijnWraak commented along his submission: “Might as well show Diablo’s love for Starcraft – I’m sure he plays it on lonely nights in hell.”

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