High End Dungeons Shipping on Retail

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Many closed beta players are wondering if the dungeons of Kael’Thas, Lady Vashj and Black Temple among others will be tested in closed beta or will ship at retail.  Here are a few answers for you:

Gruul’s Lair will ship with the expansion. It houses two raid encounters. Our Quality Assurance raid group has been testing the encounters for several months now.

Vashj’s Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, will ship with the expansion. We just finished it and sent it to test. Hyjal Past is in the game and being tested internally. Tempest Keep (raid) with Kael and his buddies is in the game and being tested internally.

Black Temple is coming along great but won’t make day 1. We’d rather hold it and polish it. Zul’Aman will not ship with the Burning Crusade. We might patch it in at a later date. Raid Dungeons reset in a week.

Karazhan = 10
Gruul = 25
Magtheradon = 25
Tempest Keep (Kael’Thas) Raid = 25
Coilfang Raid (Lady Vashj) = 25
Hyjal = 25

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