Heroes of the Storm – Few Heroes Talents and Heroic Traits Revealed Feb 1

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Heroes of the Storm

A couple days ago, Blizzard Entertainment posted the second gameplay video narrated by Day[9] and Dustin Browder featuring the Cursed Hollow battleground. However, there is a button to download a gameplay video with no narration for community streamers to do the narrating.

That video is the first-of-a-kind to my knowledge that ever hovers the cursor over some heroes’ talents to let the viewer read the tooltips. That Cursed Hollow .MP4 video file size is 7GB big.

I gathered all the tooltips and icons and added them to the Blizzplanet Heroes of the Storm website. Now this is not by any means a full listing of tooltips. The video only revealed a few of them. We’ll keep an eye on new reveals, and update these pages as new details become available. Seems like it’s time to Reddit and wiki this stuff. Spread the word!



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