Halloween XFire Live Chat Started - Hellgate: London

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Tonight, I was a fan like everyone else asking questions to Bill Roper in the Hellgate: London Live Q&A over on XFire.  Only 1,000 people were chosen and invited.  I will update the full chat once XFire announces the transcript.  I played Hellgate Beta up to level 21. Personally, I will stick to World of Warcraft, and look forward to Wrath of the Lich King.  And play Hellgate: London mostly as single player. It has an interesting storyline. This was my submited question for Flagship Studios:

medievaldragon: The Hardcore Mode tooltip at the character creation page says that a character can’t resurrect or be ghosted.  Death is permanent.  Could you explain?  How can you play again?

Bill Manegold (programmer/design intern): Once a character dies in hardcore mode, they can only walk around the various stations that they’ve reached.  In this way, you can still prove to people how far you got in Hardcore mode, but you can’t get any farther.  If you want to use that slot to play more, you have to delete the character and create a new one.

Read the full transcript

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