Guild Progression Slow? Don’t Give Up Yet

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In the past days I have been leveling up a Draenei Paladin (now lvl 38). And during the evenings, raiding like any of you.  Sometimes players feel the need to move on to a new and more powerful guild due to lack of advancement.  So was the case of our best blood elf paladin who 95% of the time became # 1 on healing.  He recently /gquit because he felt the guild wasn’t progressing, while others are already doing Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.  We were still stuck at farming:

Tempest Keep: The Eye
High Astromancer Solarian
Al’ar the Phoenix
Void Reaver

Serpentshrine Cavern
Lurker Below


We have done all of those religiously for weeks, on farm mode.  But our trials on Hydross and The tidelord met always defeat.  Just after our main healer /gquit, it would have looked grim for us. However, whoever sets a goal and works hard on it, succeeds.  Communication and organization are also essential.  I gotta say, don’t give up on yourself.  Don’t give up on your team.  All those weeks farming finally paid off.  It was payback time.

Last night, Prelude guild—where I am member at—was on a roll.  We killed Hydross the Unstable, the Giant Sea, Doomlord Kazaak and Doomwalker on a single night.  Four first-kills ever for us.  Tonight we killed two new first-kills: Fathom Lord Karathress and Leotheras the Blind.  And to make things even further exciting we fought Lady Vashj for first time getting her to 80%. We concluded we were now ready for Vashj and Kael.  Don’t give up on your guild.  Don’t give up on yourself.

Anyone would have said the guild would have collapsed by losing the main healer.  Personally, I have felt like him, but there is no fun in joining a guild that already farms Black Temple and Mount Hyjal like if it was candy with no effort.  There is more satisfaction in sweating and working hard.  It becomes and tastes like a true achievement.  I’m proud of you, Prelude. Here we come Mount Hyjal.

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